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Architectural Elements

There are some simple yet very effective ways on how homeowners can improve the beauty of their outdoors with simple add-ons or changes in the outdoor setting. One is by installing outdoor lighting to bring out the beauty of the landscape once night falls. Another could be by installing various architectural elements that would improve the property’s appeal and functionality. And here at Piracci’s Landscaping, Inc., we can help you create the perfect setup and improve the appeal of your landscape or outdoors.

Our company has worked on similar projects in the past, and you can see samples of our works scattered across the state. Our past clients in Solebury, Hatboro, Quakertown, Pennsburg, and other Pennsylvania areas have been enjoying the outdoor features we installed in their properties. Some of these add-ons include fountains, custom pottery, statuary, and the like. You, too, can have a better landscape by letting us install architectural elements in strategic areas in your property.

Choosing the Right Architectural Elements

If you wish to have a mesmerizing and functional outdoors, it’s important to be picky with the architectural elements that you’d have installed. When done right, these elements would easily boost the beauty of your landscape; choose wrongly, and the elements would only make it unappealing.

But don’t fret since we know which architectural elements could fit specific landscape settings as we’ve installed many such outdoor amenities in the past. Here are some of the common ones that we recommend to valued clients:

  • Fountains. Water features such as fountains not only have a therapeutic effect but also serve as a magnet to visitors and just about anyone who sees them. The great thing about these amenities is that there are several options that fit specific landscape settings. Some of the most common types of landscape fountains are spouting (best for those who want a dramatic effect), cascading (ideal if you want subtle appeal), pondless (recommended for properties with small available spaces), and wall (also perfect for properties with limited space availability). We can also install bird baths to attract winged creatures into your yard.
  • Pottery.If you fancy an earthy look for your outdoors, then you’d be pleased with our ready-made pottery pieces. We can install small and large jars in your garden, beside the pool, along the walkway, and practically anywhere you want in your landscape.
  • Statuary. We can help make your landscape eye-catching by installing stunning statuary in your outdoors. You can choose from our wide collection of statues of angels, animals, busts, fairies, and other characters, all made from top-notch materials.
  • Other architectural elements. We’re capable of installing your desired architectural elements, including pillars, columns, stone caps, and other decorative masonry installations on amenities or structures. Likewise, we have the means to install beautiful veneers and fire features such as fire pits and fireplaces. Just let us know which elements you need, and we’ll install them for you.


Beautiful Landscape Setup Guaranteed

With our immense creativity, experience, and in-depth knowledge of landscape design, we can help achieve stunning outdoors that you can be proud of for decades to come. As we’ve done for our past clients, we can help you realize your dream landscape by installing the right architectural elements. We can guarantee you that everything will be made from the best materials so they will be long-lasting. Our skilled people will listen to your needs and create amenities based on your specifications.

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