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Why Hire a Professional Landscape Design Company?

There is no doubt that one of the most crucial phases of any landscaping project is the landscape design stage. Any reputable landscape company should offer the services of a professional landscape designer for your project so that you can get the best results possible. There are so many benefits to having a landscape design to look at before you break any ground. It enables you to get a vision of the end product and to make all necessary changes before any work begins! Read more about Why Hire a Professional Landscape Design Company? >>

Landscape Maintenance Guide

There is no doubt that having healthy looking plants, gardens and lawns is key to your properties curb appeal. There is nothing like the look of a beautiful green and freshly mowed looking lawn, or the look of gorgeous flowering gardens and shrubs; it really does add to the overall aesthetics of any residential or commercial property. In this article we will be giving you some valuable tips on maintaining your lawns and landscapes. Read more about Landscape Maintenance Guide >>

Tips For Hiring a Construction Company

In this article we will be talking about the top tips for hiring a construction company. It is very important to ensure you hire the services of a professional and experienced construction company for any type of work you may want to have don’t on your residential or commercial property. Always be sure to check the companies references and that they are fully insured for all types of works. Read more about Tips For Hiring A Construction Company >>

Top 5 Architectural Elements

In this article we will be talking about the top 5 architectural elements that property owners are installing nowadays. These include masonry elements, outdoor living, fences, pergolas, and retaining walls. Such elements will change the way you utilize your outdoor spaces. Let us here at Pirraci’s Landscaping help you transform your outdoor areas into spaces that can work for you! Read more about Top 5 Architectural Elements >>

Outdoor Construction Ideas

The installation of outdoor living areas on properties has started to gain popularity in recent years. However, to use the available space optimally, proper planning is critical. Besides, the features and other elements you decide to install, you need to be practical. A professional outdoor company like us here at Piracci’s Landscaping will be able to help you realize your outdoor visions with the design and installation of features such as decks, patios, pergolas, fences, retaining walls, and masonry. Read more about Outdoor Construction Ideas >>

Retaining Wall Ideas

If you have sloping land on your property and want to build any feature on it like an outdoor kitchen, a driveway, walkway or any other outdoor installation, you would have to get the slopes excavated. The exposed rock and soil can’t be left without some support and that’s where retaining walls are built. These could be made of concrete, natural stone or brick as well! Read more about Retaining Wall Ideas >>

Paver Ideas

Your yard and garden spaces see a lot of wear and tear and it also means you need to choose resilient and durable materials that will also add to the beauty and value of your property. This is where pavers come into the picture. They are extremely strong and hardy products that are extremely versatile and will also add aesthetic appeal to any property! Read more about Paver Ideas >>

Outdoor Living Ideas

If you want excellent outdoor living installation services, it’s important that you hire the services of a company that provides you with all-round solutions. Some of the more popular outdoor living additions include outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and of course patios. You can change the way you use your outdoor spaces and make them work for you! Read more about Outdoor Living Ideas >>

Hardscaping Ideas

Landscapes are a combination of softscaping and hardscaping. The latter are the masonry features that lend solidity and stability to the landscaping. Various materials such as concrete, brick, natural stone and aggregates are used in the work and many other attractive and long-lasting materials such as pavers and concrete blocks are used as well. Some of the more popular hardscape projects include patios, driveways, walkways and pool decks. Read more about Hardscaping Ideas >>

Landscape Design Ideas

The most crucial step in any successful landscape setting is of course the design phase. If you seek professional landscape design services you are sure to end up with a landscape that is everything you had ever dreamed of and more. With the use of landscape design software your property will be enhanced both aesthetically and functionally! Read more about Landscape Design Ideas >>

Landscaping Ideas

Creating landscapes that are attractive and functional is not the easiest of tasks. We all want to have beautiful landscaping, whether it is for our home or place of business. Landscapes make a statement and create the first impression of your property overall. It takes a considerable amount of skill and planning to ensure that the entire area is surveyed well, defined properly and then designed and installed well. Get the assistance of a professional landscaping company for low-maintenance and aesthetically end products! Read more about Landscaping Ideas >>


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