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Landscaping and Hardscaping Products

We are the company to call if you want top-quality hardscaping services. Our team is here to help with material selection and the best design and installation services. Since we also offer restoration solutions, you can be sure that your outdoor spaces are in good hands and will always last long and look great. We are one of the most customer-oriented companies, and it's one thing that sets us apart from the competition.


Flagstone pavers are ideal for creating functional and beautiful outdoor spaces, and we specialize in their installation. We work with our clients to determine the correct size, style, and color of flagstone pavers to achieve their desired look and functionality. Our team can construct stunning flagstone patios, decks, driveways, pathways, walkways, and more, regardless of the project's complexity. We offer customized services to ensure that each client gets the perfect flagstone surface at an affordable price. We are equipped to handle projects of any size and shape and can assist you with installing flagstones in new and existing outdoor spaces. Read More About Flagstone >>


Our expertise lies in providing exceptional bluestone installations through pavers and stone slabs, suitable for various outdoor spaces. Bluestone, a natural stone frequently employed in landscaping and hardscaping projects, is well-known for its dense and robust structure, typically available in blue, gray, or green hues. Its appearance ranges from uniform and polished to rough and irregular, depending on its cut and finish. Skilled hardscapers in various outdoor applications such as patios, walkways, pool decks, and retaining walls utilize this highly versatile stone. Its innate elegance and durability make it a popular choice for projects of all sizes, whether for residential or commercial use. Read More About Bluestone >>


Known for its distinctive porosity that keeps the surface cool year-round, travertine is a natural stone in different colors. This eco-friendly material permits water to infiltrate the ground, replenishing the water table. With its unfilled/tumbled and filled/honed variations, you can select the ideal style for your outdoor area. Our expertise in installing travertine pavers ranges from modest residential yards to extensive commercial landscapes, ensuring the seamless execution of your project. Travertine pavers are highly versatile, making them appropriate for outdoor spaces such as decks, patios, driveways, walkways, and pathways. Our track record in installing travertine pavers spans from minor residential backyards to vast commercial areas, guaranteeing excellent results. Read More About Travertine >>


We are experts at designing and constructing one-of-a-kind hardscaping and outdoor living spaces with premium bricks from well-known manufacturers nationwide. Our expert bricklayers have years of expertise laying bricks in homes and businesses, making quick work of the task. We work directly with you to ensure that the brick products meet your needs and preferences, whether you're doing a brand-new build or updating an existing structure. As an experienced hardscaping company, we can incorporate brickwork into your backyard or landscape design in a beautiful and functional way. We provide comprehensive services, from combining bricks of all shapes and sizes to adding complimentary features for a cohesive landscape. Read More About Brick >>

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a sought-after material for hardscaping because of its numerous desirable features. Natural stone's distinctive textures and colors can improve the appearance and personality of outdoor spaces while providing resilience and durability that can withstand severe weather conditions and heavy foot traffic. Sandstone, limestone, granite, and slate are some common natural stones used for hardscaping, each having unique qualities and characteristics, making them suitable for various applications such as patios, decks, pathways, and walkways. We recognize the significance of incorporating natural stone to create visually captivating and enduring outdoor areas that add outstanding value to your property. Read More About Natural Stone >>

Masonry & Stone Veneer

As a company that offers complete landscape and hardscape services, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to construct enduring masonry structures that enhance your home's visual appeal. Installing stone veneer and masonry elements can produce distinctive and stunning outdoor spaces, but they demand thoughtful planning and precise execution. Our company specializes in providing premium materials and products that guarantee longevity and low maintenance for all our clients. Our services cover the installation of stone veneers and masonry structures in various outdoor settings, including yards, landscapes, and gardens. Our team of experts will assist you in making informed choices to ensure you obtain impressive and high-performing outdoor spaces. Read More About Masonry & Stone Veneer >>


Cobblestones are one example of manufactured and natural materials used in outdoor areas. Cobblestones are tiny, hard stones we can cut to any size and install in the preferred pattern. Concrete can also be used to create cobblestone pavers. You can still find them in old cities' streets and sidewalks, which have been used for thousands of years. Because of their durability and long lifespan are frequently used as patio flooring, roads, pathways, and other landscaping components. Whether made of natural stone or concrete, cobblestone pavers are a beautiful, long-lasting solution. We work with you to create the cobblestoned surfaces you envisioned. Read More About Cobblestones >>


With their varied sizes and shapes, boulders are versatile elements that can add aesthetic and practical value to any outdoor area. We utilize various materials, including boulders, to enhance the natural beauty of outdoor spaces. Our team of specialists possesses the expertise and experience required to create outdoor spaces that are both functional and visually pleasing. Whether you desire a striking hardscape, our custom designs are tailored to your specific requirements and surpass your expectations. We prioritize delivering the best value to our clients by designing and constructing top-quality boulder features for residential and commercial landscapes. Read More About Boulders >>


Walls are an essential element of residential and commercial properties, serving diverse practical and ornamental functions. They provide structural support, privacy, and noise reduction, among other uses. Some walls can be multi-purpose, doubling as planters, retaining walls, or incorporating seating areas. Piracci's Landscaping, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to design and build any type of wall, no matter its complexity or intended use. Our team of experts collaborates with you to understand your requirements, ensuring that we create a wall that blends seamlessly with your property's aesthetic and enhances its functionality. Read More About Walls >>


Many residential and commercial property owners opt to include patios for various reasons to enhance their properties. Patios create a convenient and practical outdoor living space suitable for entertaining, dining, and relaxing while simultaneously adding value and enhancing the appeal of a property. We are dedicated to helping our clients choose the perfect materials for their patios and addressing any questions or concerns they may have about our patio installation and design services. Our team of experts will collaborate with you, providing all the necessary information about the pavers' advantages and disadvantages. This process ensures you can make a well-informed decision that meets your preferences. Read More About Patios >>


Adding pillars can elevate the appearance of your outdoor area, creating an attractive focal point in your yard or landscape. Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, rustic, or something in between, these pillars can seamlessly integrate with your existing design, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement. We understand that every property is unique, so our team thoroughly surveys the area before suggesting optimal locations for the installation of pillars. Our experts take great pride in delivering superior craftsmanship and impeccable results, leaving a lasting impression. We can also customize the pillars to match the surrounding plants' colors, textures, and heights, creating a cohesive and harmonious outdoor design. Read More About Pillars >>


Customized curbing is an essential aspect of any outdoor space that enhances stability and ease of use. We offer various materials and designs to cater to your specific aesthetic preferences. Besides visual appeal, curbing plays a vital role in erosion control and preserves the structural integrity of your landscape. Our team installs curbing at different stages of a landscaping project based on the client's needs and preferences. Some clients prefer to install curbing at the beginning of a project to outline the outdoor space's borders and establish a clear starting point. We engineer these features well and install them skillfully. Read More About Curbing >>


We design and install aprons for commercial and residential premises. Concrete, stone, or pavers are suitable materials for apron construction. They prevent garbage, dirt, and plants from amassing around the structure's foundation, which helps to protect it from water damage and erosion. They also provide a flat patio, pathway, or outdoor seating surface. They provide an attractive and functional connection between the property and the surrounding environment, making them an essential part of any outdoor space. With our help, you can be assured that your apron will be beautifully crafted and last for years. Read More About Aprons >>

Pavilions & Pool Houses

Our team prioritizes proper planning, layout, high-quality materials, and excellent installation to construct sturdy and long-lasting. We offer pool houses and pavilion construction services for both new and existing properties and ensure that our clients receive top-notch service throughout the entire process. Our team provides reliable communication, top-quality materials, and exceptional craftsmanship to meet all your design and installation needs. Once the pavilion or pool house is completed, we offer maintenance and repair services, such as cleaning, sealing, and painting, to ensure it remains in good condition for years. Our attention to detail provides our clients with the value they seek. Read More About Pavilions & Pool Houses >>

We maintain cost-effective pricing and create the best experiences for our clients regardless of the scale and scope of the job. Our company can manage all outdoor living, landscape, and hardscape installations to industry standards. We assure you of excellent value and outstanding services whenever you hire us. For additional e details about our landscaping and hardscaping services, please call Piracci's Landscaping, Inc. at 215-541-9202. You can write to us through this Online Form, and our team will revert as soon as possible to discuss your requirements further.
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